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2 decades ago Jenny Scott bounced her way into UAL, a school ranking second in the world for Art and Design. She flew out with a First-Class Honors degree in Graphic Design.


Since graduating, Jenny has worked as an Art Director and Designer at high profile London agencies such as Interbrand, Fitch, Rosie Lee Creative, Protein and WPP. She also forayed in-house at Marks & Spencer and ran a youth-focused marketing/design agency working for global, high-profile brands, such as fashion designer Gareth Pugh, Nike, and Coca Cola.


Jenny's Ethos is all about keeping things bold, fun, simple and intuitive. The late Tibor Kalman, former editor-in-chief of Colors is a huge influence for Jenny. Tibor himself has been described as a “social prod’ and “bad boy of graphic design” - accolades that easily apply to Jenny's career. 


As we all know, design more than just typefaces and logos.


Jenny is also Founder, Leader, Facilitator and the Mothership Captain of MOTHERSMEETING. She is a down-to-earth tastemaker who aims to rally mothers/women from all over the globe to never quit on themselves.


For the past 10 years, MOTHERSMEETING has been a crucial digital and physical platform for women to promote their talents, share their stories, and build relationships with like-minded women. MM boasts 70,000 subscribers, a membership base of 1,000, and designs and curates campaigns for everyone from H&M, Net a Porter, Soho House, MTV, Apple, Marks and Spencer, Nike and many more.


Since the launch of Jenny’s 2014 book How to be a Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool, a parenting survival guide for a new breed of mums, the MOTHERS-MEETINGS network has grown from big to HUGE. Leading regular MM events with her cool and crisp energy. MM the antithesis of a yummy-mummy-club, or stiff networking event.


Jenny is sharing her industry experience and real-world know-how. She skips the jargon and BS, and paves the way for ideas to be realized. She empowers others to successfully develop their business brand, cultivate a community with influence and a network with real reach.


“Working for yourself is hard – It requires a self imposed structure since motivating yourself, staying focused, sticking to deadlines, and overcoming obstacles can be difficult. Passion and drive are necessary and this is what I provide with my new program”.


Jenny’s awareness of trends, insights, fashion, music, and lifestyle is invaluable along with her black book of 20yrs worth of industry contacts. Her program will provide access to her contacts and her in-depth brand experience and knowledge.

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